KIPOS is partnering with

Health Can Be Fun Singapore

to provide healthier & calories-friendly

food for you!

Health Can Be Fun Singapore is a nutrition consultancy with a field of experts in nutrition, diet, health and Food science.

HCF & Trofi partnership focus on macro-nutrients calculation - which is why Trofi is able to provide the best healthy meals to you!

Recipes are curated by Kipos & analysed by HCF nutritionists.


Fiona, Principal Nutritionist

Fiona's nutrition principles in living in a fast paced society is about going back to basics with a key focus on cooking. Through fun education, she strives to help everyone achieve a greater quality of health.

Meenu, Family Nutritionist

Meenu loves sharing how to prepare healthier alternatives of their favourite dishes. She is a strong believer of a plant-based diet! She strives to reach out to as many communities as possible to empower them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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There is no '1 size fits all diet' for everyone, HCF urge everyone to consult a nutritionist to achieve optimal results.

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