How to sign up for Kipos Loyalty Program:


1. Save time and skip the queues!

Place your order online and schedule for pickup at your nearest Kipos outlet! Alternatively, you may opt for delivery to your doorstep or office.

2. Reorder your favorite bowls! 

Save time from searching for your favorite bowl! Simply go to 'my orders' under your account to reorder any previous bowl purchased with your Kipos account.

3. Receive latest updates and promotions

Be the first to know about our latest updates and promotions! 

4. Track your meals and expenses

Refer to your old purchases by clicking 'my orders' under your account (top right corner)

5. Earn up to 10% rebates on all purchases!

Flash your Kipos e-card upon payment in stores or make an order online with your accountto receive 10% rebates on all purchases. 

Kpoints may be redeemed on your next purchase!

Your kipos e-card

 Click on your profile > 'My account'

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