About Us

The Secret to eating healthy: Satisfy, don’t deprive.

At KIPOS Gourmet, we source for sustainable and wholesome ingredients, to provide you with 100% fresh and delicious meals that make healthy eating easy. We have thoughtfully designed our menu and meals to make it feel like a cheat day everyday, satisfy your cravings without the calories involved.


Each bowl is hand-crafted, with fresh vegetables, clean proteins and wholesome grains that will feed your body and your mind.  Even our sauces are made in-house to ensure that only quality ingredients are used. Here are the list of our best selling dressings, Truffle-shoyu, apple cider vinegar, spicy mayo, wasabi ponzu, chipotle and also the local flavors mala and laksa. You can also find specially developed protein bowls suited to your specific diets. Whether you follow a keto, paleo, vegan or other diets, you'll definitely stay on it with Kipos Gourmet!


What sets us apart from other salad business are our local flavours such as our lo-cal chicken rice, or quinoa lemak, made with a healthy twist! We use healthier grains such as quinoa or brown rice, and cleaner proteins such as sous vide chicken breast. To top it off -  we serve the bowls with local homemade sauces, like chicken rice chilli and sambal!


At KIPOS we stay true and focus on our company mission: The Secret to eating healthy: Satisfy, don’t deprive.


Come on down and #supportlocal at KIPOS gourmet!

Interested to be our next franchise operator? Simply drop us an enquiry at hello@kipos.co or whatsapp us @ 9232 6073.